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The KJ Korner


CD&G Burning Information

Creating a Custom CD&G

    By "custom cd&g" I mean the taking song tracks from several CD&G's and burning them onto a single disc. This is a much slower process than simply making a copy of a disc. The instructions must be followed carefully.

    Have the discs that you are going to extract the tracks from in a single stack on your desk. We'll call this stack A. From the main interface of DiscJuggler go to the File menu and click on New. In the task manager highlight "CD Digital Audio and Data Extraction" and then click the OK button. Load the first cd&g into the cd burner. On this screen you will see two windows. The left window displays the contents (tracks) of the inserted cd&g (use the plus signs to expand the view). The right window displays the contents of the new compilation. Use your cursor to drag the desired track from the right window and drop it on the New Disc icon in the right window. The panels should now look like the screen capture below.


    From this point on, all tracks will be dropped onto the CD-DA session icon. Remove the first cd from the burner an place it, label up, on your desk separate from the stack A discs. This will be the beginning of stack B. Now load the next disc from stack A into the burner. Drag the desired track from this disc onto the CD-DA session icon in the right window. Now remove this disc from the burner and place it on the top of stack B. The discs in stack B MUST remain in the exact order in which they are remove from the burner. Repeat this process until all the discs in stack A have been added or until the program refuses to allow any more tracks to be added because the disc space (of a blank disc) has been reached.

    Now comes the time consuming part. Each disc from stack B must be reinserted into the cd burner so that the tracks can be extracted and written to a temporary image file. Click the Start button at which time the program will ask you to insert a certain disc number. This will be the top disc of stack B. Once the track has been extracted you will be instructed to insert the next disc. Remove the previous disc from the burner (this disc may now be put away) and insert the next disc from the top of stack B. Repeat this process until all the stack B discs are gone and the program reports the the task has finished.

    You now have an image file that is ready to burn to a blank disc. Load a blank disc into the cd burner. Go to the File menu and click on New. In the task manager highlight "CD Image to CD Recorder" and click the OK button. On this screen, with the Source and Destination tab selected, you should see C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\Disc 01.cdi in the Source field. If not, select it from the dropdown menu. Your cd burner should be listed in the Destination field and the box beside it should be checked. From the Action panel select the number of copies (discs) you want to burn. The slider should already be set to the maximum write speed for your burner. Note: If you experience problems with burning at this speed try setting this to half of the actual maximum write speed for your burner.

    Click on the Advanced tab and make sure that RW (CD+G/Karaoke) is checked. Now click on the Start button and the program will begin to burn the image file to the blank cd. In a few minutes you will have your custom cd&g. You can use your cd burner to play cd&g discs on your computer monitor with the right software. You can download a free player HERE


Rick Wise